The One Of Best Summer Shoe You Can’t Not Love

The One Of Best Summer Shoe You Can't Not Love

Summer is here, whether we like it or not, which means it’s time to put those cosy house slippers away and exchange them with footwear that will get people’s attention. Experimenting with lively silhouettes, quirky materials, and brilliant colours and designs is one of the best things about summer clothing. The occasion is right to dress to the nines, and the same goes for your footwear selections.

You’ll be ready for any occasion, from garden parties and outdoor dinners to lengthy walks and business meetings, if you invest in some of these basic footwear alternatives.

Pink Textured Sliders, first


We intend to spend the summer wearing these textured sliders because they are dainty, delicate, and ideal for your gorgeous feet. This pair, which is made of high-quality, breathable fabric, will go well with your ethnic and fusion ensembles. The broad strap style is especially lovely, with exquisite embroidered accents popping out in vivid pink, aqua, and lime hues. The sturdy sole and open-toe design also make them easy to wear for extended periods of time.

Flats with rose gold straps

Since quite some time, rose gold has been the colour of the year, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! For instance, we need these timeless strappy flats right now. When getting dressed in the summer, have you ever felt so hot that you wanted to rummage through your wardrobe but ultimately chose to wear the same old tee and jeans instead? Your basic summer clothes will receive a much-needed boost of glamour thanks to these sandals.

woven flats with an open toe

In the summer, open-toe flats are a terrific choice since they allow you to express your personal style while remaining cool at all times. Anouk’s stunning copper-gold flats are no exception. This pair of shoes has cut-out details and a woven design, so you may wear it with both ethnic and western outfits with ease and style. Your feet receive improved support with the cushioned footbed, which also ensures that they stay plush and comfortable.

 Thong-Strap Sandals

These flats instantly transport me to a beach. With an elegant woven design on the sole and a carefully constructed synthetic throng strap, this pair of sandals is every bit as beautiful to look at, as it is affordable. The colour combination is highly sophisticated and adds a heavy dash of versatility to the pair.


Flats with T-Straps Embroidery

We must confess that we are head over heels in love with these stunning summer shoes! So, if you enjoy pairing black items with other black items, you likely comprehend the origin of our obsession. These T-Strap flats are fantastic for giving your simple outfits a splash of colour and a beautiful flowery appearance. Not only that, but you can wear these pair of chappals whenever you want to dress ethnically. BRB, placing my own order for one!

Open-Toe Mustard Flats

These mustard open-toe flats appear to have been taken straight out of a high-end shoe retailer’s catalogue. Along with those twisted straps, we like the patent leather’s sophisticated appeal. Trust us when we say that this pair of summer sneakers is a fantastic bargain!

Decorative Flats in Colors

Let’s just say we specifically chose this pair of summer shoes for you if you adhere to the “more is less” mentality when it comes to bling! The delicate zari decorated straps’ elaborate detailing, as well as the calming shades of baby blue, powder pink, and rust gold, have us completely enamoured. The metallic sole and one-toe pop design further heighten this pair’s attractiveness. Oh, and in the summer, that TPR sole with the padding will become your best friend.

Tasselled Mules with Pointed Toes

We considered taking a break from the strappy sandals here because we recognise that some of you may have a certain dress requirement at work. So now is the time for us to discuss these amazing mules! This pair of mules is immediately added to our summer wishlist because they are versatile, easygoing, vibrant in the proper proportions, and up to date with footwear trends. Don’t let those tassels slip by!

Printed Kohlapuris with Toe Rings

Every woman, in our opinion, needs a pair of dependable Kolhapuris to rely on during the sweltering months of the year. And there is no space for hesitation when the ones suggested here are as pastel-beautiful as this pair. All we can advise is to secure these apartments as soon as possible. Sure, we will!

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