Shop The Innovative Ideas for Storing Bags

Shop The Innovative Ideas for Storing Bags

Where to store handbags when not in use can be a problem. While some bags can be fragile, others can be quite hefty. Others have a huge collection of them. So it’s crucial to have a decent storage method that keeps the bags organised and safe. There are choices to accommodate both large and small locations, and some of them need very little money and work to put into practise.

Here are 15 quick tips to help you manage your purses, ranging from store-bought storage options to do-it-yourself purse organisers.

Utilize bins and cubbies to organise purses

If you have the room to construct cubbies, they work wonders for storing handbags of all sizes. If you don’t have room for cubbies, you can still keep handbags safe and organised by simply putting them in plastic boxes that you stow in a closet or under a bed. The market is flooded with choices for cubbies and bins, which is the finest part. So it’s almost certain that you’ll find anything in the appropriate size and style.

Purses might be hung from hooks.

If the design of your area allows for them, hooks are a simple solution to store bags. Hooks can be hung on doors, with a closet door’s interior being a popular location. In order to keep your bags visible and within arm’s reach, you can also hang hooks in a row on the wall. If the bags aren’t concealed behind a closed door, just be sure to hang them up neatly. Additionally, avoid hanging them where you’ll frequently run into them.

Select bag organisers.

There are numerous products that enable vertical bag hanging. For instance, a purse file or other organiser will keep several handbags organised. Using a rack, you may also hang bags vertically on a door. Totes and handbags can be stored in this way to save lots of space.

Create Magazine Holders to Organize Purses

The perfect DIY purse organiser can be made using holders made for other objects. For instance, little purses that don’t sag can fit in magazine holders. File folders and hat boxes are other examples of organisational devices that can accommodate purses. Naturally, you can always place smaller bags inside of larger ones to keep them safe and together.

Purchase shelf dividers.

Shelf dividers, like magazine holders, can help keep purses upright and separated. If your closet has loads of shelf space, these are a good option. Your complete handbag collection, including the smaller bags that could otherwise get stacked in a storage container, can be seen at once thanks to shelf dividers.

Employ shower curtain rings

Rings from shower curtains provide for an easy and affordable way to store handbags. Simply suspend the bag straps from the rings and secure them to a closet rod. You can line up the narrowest parts of bags to maximise space by hanging them from their handles, which typically compels them to lay sideways. This hack is not suggested for heavy bags, though, since it may subject the straps to undue strain over time and cause them to break.

Put purses on the upper shelves of the closet.

Consider putting your purses on the top shelf of your closet in place of any folded clothing that is currently there. It can be challenging to reach what you need among a stack of garments on a high shelf without disturbing the entire pile. However, it’s far simpler to browse the purses on the shelf and pick just what you need without having to take everything else down. Clothes can always be stored in drawers or a box under the bed.

Introduce wall shelving

Some purses are simply too attractive to be kept in a closet. Instead, think about putting them up on a shelf in the wall. Installing a floating shelf or a set of shelves will allow you to store and have easy access to your favourite bags. This is used in the room as both a storage solution and a decorative element. To meet your storage needs and blend in perfectly with your current decor, there are numerous size and design options for wall shelves.

On a Bookcase, fashionable purses

Handbags can always be kept on a bookcase if you don’t want to build wall shelving. There are several bookshelf sizes to suit your needs, so this storage option is a fantastic one if you don’t already have built-in shelves in a closet for your baggage. Use shelf dividers to keep your purses standing straight. Or you could just support them by stuffing them with tissue paper.

Utilize bag hangers

Purse-specific hooks assist preserve the curve of the handles and maintain a tidy appearance when keeping handbags in your closet as opposed to stuffing them into a drawer or hanging them on standard hangers. Get a pair and hang your favourite totes one after the other. You’ll have no trouble selecting your choice for the day because it will appear orderly and tidy.

Build a Purse Wall.

Large handbag collections might be displayed by reserving a whole wall for them. They can be arranged according to size, colour, texture, or material. Measure your shelves in advance to determine how many purses will fit comfortably in order to keep them neat. The space and structure of the purses can also be maintained with the use of clear acrylic separators.

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