Here’s How To Buy The Right Foundation Online

I’m sure you believed, like the majority of women, that visiting the store and hosting a swatch party was the ideal method to purchase foundation. If you’ve ever been to Sephora or another cosmetics retailer, you are aware of how daunting and perplexing it can be. I typically leave the store with everything but what I went in for most of the time. If the worker isn’t properly trained, you’ll frequently get a shade lighter OR a shade darker. My frustration over all the incorrect foundation colours I’ve purchased over the years is beyond words.

You Must Understand Your Undertone

Your undertone can be identified by looking at the veins on your wrist; if they appear green, you have warm undertones, and if they appear blue, you have cold undertones. People with warm undertones have skin that is more yellow and olive-toned, while those with cool undertones have skin that is more pinkish and blue-toned.

Yellow foundations work best with warm undertones. For those with cool undertones, pink foundations work best. This basically indicates that the undertone of your foundation will tend to be pink or yellow. Online purchasing will be simple after you identify your category.

Understand Your Shade Across Brands

To choose the hue that matches your skin tone the closest, I advise visiting your local Sephora or M.A.C. store. Make a note of the brand, the line, and the shade name or number on your phone or in an email to yourself. You can use this as a reference for colors when making future purchases online.

Make a note of your preferred foundations.

There are certain websites that allow you to input some of your existing foundation shade matches in order to help you choose your foundation shade. Therefore, keeping track of your shade in well-known brands is always useful!

Utilize a web tool

Look into Temptalia and Findation. As a place to start, you might make use of an existing foundation. The website will then provide you with a list of your colour matches at well-known drugstore and high-end brands.

View a few YouTube videos, photos, and reviews.

If you’re still unsure, look at samples or videos while looking up the name of the foundation and shade. Once you think you’ve found a foundation color that matches, quickly search for images on Google and look at product users. If you rapidly contrast your skin with theirs, you’ll feel more confident.

Invest in a foundation shade adjuster.

I always advise purchasing a shade darker rather than a shade lighter. A foundation can be lighterened than it can be darkened. Once you are aware of your undertone, even a slightly darker hue will work. Use a lighter foundation, or purchase a product like The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops to lighten your foundation. Easy as pie! Personalized foundation for year-round use!

Even mixing shades is possible.

Never be scared to mix them up; just keep in mind that you won’t look good in one shade all year. You can mix two or more foundations to achieve the ideal tint, finish, and texture. We advise you to look out for foundations with a similar consistency so they work well together when mixed. Though some trial and error might be needed, even experts vouch for the effectiveness of the results.

Purchase From Websites That Have A Good Return Policy

If anything, always have a return policy. In the event that you get a lighter or darker shade of foundation online, it is always a good idea to do so from stores with a favourable return policy. A wonderful return policy is in place for items within a specific period of time after purchase on websites like Sephora and Nykaa. Just be sure to carry the original packaging and invoice with you, undamaged.

Instead, you might try emailing your preferred companies and asking them to give you some foundation samples. After all, it’s always preferable to try before investing money!

Always keep in mind not to base your decision on the website’s swatches when shopping online. Google it!

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