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The 10 accessories that every man needs in his wardrobe

You have the shoes, the shirts, and the pants when it comes to wardrobe necessities. It’s time to search your closet for the finishing touches that will make your outfit as polished as possible. You’d be amazed at how much flair little wrist action or collar candy can add to an already excellent look. Just grab these essentials, and even the most straightforward of fits will be game on.

Wearable Watch

No matter how acclimated you are to checking your phone’s screen to check the time, an iPhone will never go with an Armani suit as well as a classic Cartier or Patek Philippe. Simply put, a dress watch is more fashionable; just be sure to purchase in a (ironically) ageless design.

Watch for Sports

While a stylish watch may always elevate an ensemble, the same model that goes with your Prada two-piece won’t go well with a polo shirt. The situation is far better served by a sporty or casual watch. Neon colours aren’t for everyone, so be careful not to cross the line into childishness.

Clothes cufflinks

A good set of cufflinks never goes out of style, despite the fact that this particular accessory has an antiquated quality that may look outmoded to the younger members of Generation Z. There are always going to be reasons for it. Avoid cutesy themes like clowns or ladybugs and choose for something that will likely hold up over time (without being boring).

A Tie

Few accessories can transform you from casual to “meaning-business” in a single knot, thus ties will always be considered essential. Contrary to common belief, wearing a unique tie isn’t always the best choice. Though that doesn’t preclude you from having fun with it; why not try a pastel with an intriguing print detail?

The Eyewear

Nothing instantly exudes coolness like a pair of I-don’t-give-a-fuck sunglasses, which have the extra benefit of protecting you from the blinding glare. No of the circumstance, a classy pair of basic black sunglasses will look good despite the fads of cool styles and reflected tints.

The Square Pocket

This is another item for the “old-school” category; while it may not seem as essential as a fine watch or a stand-up tie (and, to be fair, it isn’t), it is unquestionably a basic enough item to own if you often wear suits. The safe pick is white because it functions just as well no matter how ridiculous your suit selections are.

Socks for Dress

With your pants concealing them, you might not believe anyone would notice these, but you’d be amazed at how unsettling a stealthy peek of goofy puppy socks can be during a job interview. Socks that are stylish, simple, and come in neutral tones (like black and grey) are a need.

The Belt is leather

If ever there was a piece of equipment that brought everything together. Even though a faux leather belt works just as well, a decent leather belt might last long enough to make the non-vegan purchase worthwhile. Keep to dark colours or tans because they go together more readily.

Itinerary Bag

Wheeling around a wheelie is excessive for a small weekend break or an overnight business trip, but it’s frequently the only choice because we seldom actually consider going shopping for a variety of bags. A high-quality duffel or carryall not only allows you to pack precisely what you need without taking up additional room, but also allows you to do so in style.

The Money Bag

You probably use this attachment the most, and it hasn’t been changed in at least ten years. It never hurts to err on the side of caution, despite the fact that you might believe your personality makes up for torn leather or a loose thread. There’s no need to be boring, so invest in a wallet that is both elegant and has some texture.

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